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Marquis Spas have emphasized hydrodynamic flow and power to give you the ability to control the flow and adapt it to your needs and fitness level. Using an ATV can optimize your swim training, fitness, health, and wellness. Designed with versatility for your training program with swimming strokes, leg kicks, resistance movements, and low-impact range of motion exercises. The ATV gives options for your use and empowering a healthy life. Whatever position your body is in the vessel will offer greater space for mobility and workout freedom with it's bowed sidelines, so you don't find yourself banging into walls.

Alongside it's hydrodynamic performance for fitness, it carries a high-end aesthetic and will stand out above other swim spas. In the materials and construction method the ATV units will also provide the best design for long-term performance. Beyond exercise and stretching, you can playfully float around or enjoy the two jetted recovery seats that provide hydromassage to feet, legs, back, and neck. The ATV is the aquatic vessel to enjoy year-round use in.



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