ATV 17 Kona

ATV 17 Kona

Aquatic Training Vessel 17 Kona Swim Spa

This model provides increased power with stronger pumps while still giving you the control to take the flow experience from mild to extreme, you can set the tone for your therapy or training experience.

The Kona model also includes two additional Whitewater-4tm buoyancy jets of lower to mid torso lift during swimming exercises and are well placed to provide deep therapy to large muscles in the legs.

The engineered hydrodynamics uses the Whitewater-4 jets to deliver water flow greater than that created by the pumps alone, resulting in up to 39% more flow than comparably sized jets. 

The Kona gets it's namesake for the rigorous swim training it can provide that has been compared to swimming off the coast of Kona Hawaii; a great advantage for anyone who pursues triathlon training.

  • Dimensions: 204 in x 89.5 x 61 in
  • Average fill volume: 2400 Gal.
  • Total Jets: 34 
  • Exterior Cabinet Colors: Espresso, Ash
  • Interior Shell Colors: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, or Frost White 
  • Pump 1: 2 speed 160 GPM
  • Pump 2: 2 speed 360 GPM
  • Pump 3: 2 speed 360 GPM
  • Water Care: ConstantCleantmwith ozonator
  • Electrical: 240V at 50A