ATV 14 Sport

ATV 14 Sport

Aquatic Training Vessel 14 Sport Swim Spa

This model provides the flow strength for athletic workouts with the control to modulate flow from mild to strong making it ideal for athletic training, rehab conditioning, and low-impact exercise.

The 14 foot models provide an adequate swim space and 4 feet of actual water depth for low-impact walking, jogging, running and resistance aerobics with added therapy via the two therapy seats.

Textured tread on the steps and floor add an element of safety to all of the Aquatic Training Vessels, while the standard multicolored LED lights along the steps infuse the water your color choice.

  • Dimensions: 168.5 in x 89.5 x 56 in
  • Average fill volume: 1725 Gal.
  • Total Jets: 32
  • Exterior Cabinet Colors: Espresso, Ash
  • Interior Shell Colors: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, or Frost White 
  • Pump 1: 2 speed 160 GPM
  • Pump 2: 2 speed 360 GPM
  • Pump 3: 2 speed 360 GPM
  • Water Care: ConstantCleantmwith ozonator
  • Electrical: 240V at 50A