The strong pool wall in a soft-side design is the centerpiece of the SuperPool and one that revolutionized the above ground pool market.

splash superpool

The interwoven pool wall which also doubles as the liner is designed for puncture resistance and longevity. It's special coating prevents dirt from attaching to exposed areas while protecting the liner from damage caused by UV light and mildew. Another special feature of this above ground pool is the metal used to create the pool’s structure. The structure is made from zinc-coated steel and goes through a deliberate process of shaping and varnishing. Additionally, in order to extend the life of the metal structure of the pool, all metal components that could come in contact with water are made from stainless steel. Our Splash pools are packaged with everything necessary for your pool such as, pump, filter, splash winter cover, splash ladder, maintenance tools, and start up chemicals.

Splash Superpools

Pool Dimensions:

  • 9' x 17'
  • 13' x 17'
  • 13' x 25'
  • 21' x 41'
  • 9' x 41'
  • 13' x 21'
  • 17' x 29'