We offer comprehensive water analysis using traditional reagent and computerized testing methods.

Get expert guidance for:

  • Hot Tub fresh fills
  • Hot Tub regular balance
  • Hot Tub symptom troubleshooting and remedies
  • Spring pool start-up
  • Pool regular water balance/maintenance
  • Pool-water symptom troubleshooting and remedies
  • Pool pre-winterization balance

We can test for systems using traditional chlorine, bromine, salt-chlorine generators, or biguanide (Baquacil) sanitizer.

What you need:

Information: Pool or Spa size and average fill volume in gallons.
Water Sample: 8-12 oz's of properly collected sample water. To collect a proper sample, fill your clean plastic container or water-test bottle from an area of average depth and from 1 foot under water.  
Additional Helpful Items: While not necessary to complete a water test, should your test reveal the need for some treatment, knowing what chemicals you have at home can be helpful in determining if you need to purchase a treatment product while visiting our store.


Note: All recommendations are provided for use at the pool/spa owner's discretion. We recommend having a basic understanding of your pool/spa's water care system and basic water balance parameters and balance procedures. Any additions of products should be done following the product manufacturer's directions, taking any necessary safety precautions. Columbia Pool & Spa assumes no responsibility for the results of a pool/spa owner's water treatments or failure to follow manufacture's product directions.