ATV-Crossover v150

Marquis v150

ATV-Crossover v150

This model combines the design and flow control of Marquis Spas' Vector 21 line with the power and construction quality of the Aquatic Training Vessels. The strength of the high volume, low-pressure resistance jets provides both great therapy, and an area for exercise.  While offering seating for 9 adults this swim spa creates the ideal entertainment space.

The v150 model also includes two additional Whitewater-4 buoyancy jets located in the steps providinglower to mid torso lift during swimming or floating and are well placed to provide deep therapy to large muscles in the legs.

The engineered hydrodynamics uses the Variable Velocity Valves (V3) of the Vector 21 one line, along with the laminar jetpods to allow for focused high flow, low pressure hydromassage where you want it. 

  • Dimensions: 150 in x 90 x 50 in
  • Average fill volume: 950 Gal.
  • Total Jets: 38 
  • Exterior Cabinet Colors: Barnwood, Cordovan
  • Interior Shell Colors: Frost White 
  • Pump 1: 2 speed 360 GPM
  • Pump 2: 2 speed 360 GPM
  • Water Care: ConstantClean with ozonator
  • Electrical: 240V at 50A