ATV 17 Sport

ATV 17 Sport

Aquatic Training Vessel 17 Sport Swim Spa

This model provides increased length and depth than the 14' sport with the control to modulate flow from mild to strong making it ideal for athletic training, rehab conditioning, and low-impact exercise.

The 17 foot models include swim tether locations on both ends, allowing you to work more muscle groups with the workout options created by going with our against the current.

An ideal year-round use alternative to those seeking the benefits of a small pool with added therapy via the two therapy seats and 26 therapy jets providing hydromassage to the feet, legs, back and neck.

  • Dimensions: 204 in x 89.5 x 61 in
  • Average fill volume: 2400 Gal.
  • Total Jets: 32
  • Exterior Cabinet Colors: Espresso, Ash
  • Interior Shell Colors: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, or Frost White 
  • Pump 1: 2 speed 160 GPM
  • Pump 2: 2 speed 160 GPM
  • Pump 3: 2 speed 160 GPM
  • Water Care: ConstantCleantmwith ozonator
  • Electrical: 240V at 50A