The J-575™ luxury model features a therapeutic lounge seat for full-body relaxation inside of it's innovative exterior design highlighted with two raised sides. This model features a new PowerPro® FX Directional Jet placed to provide relief to aching hips. Exterior lighting, dual ProEdge™ Waterfalls and a touch screen topside control are just a few of the highlights of this luxurious spa.


    Flagship model of the J-400™  collection featuring a lounge and foot dome. A feeling of depth and space pervade this model with a dramatic high-backed design. Four adjustable backlit headrests, are joined by an LED IX Jet, double waterfall, and illuminated cup holders all with adjustable color and brightness to match your mood.


    This lounge model provides therapy options for the whole body including wrist jets. Strong jets will provide deep relief to aching feet while enjoying the FX-10™ Therapy Seat. Adjustable ProLites illuminate the footwell, pillows, waterfall, and cup holders.


    The Jacuzzi® J-465™ model boasts an RX Jet infused ProAir Lounge seat. Enjoy side by side seating with a loved one or slide into a comfortable corner seat. Four adjustable backlit headrests, are joined by an LED IX Jet, WaterColour™ waterfall, illuminated cup holders all with adjustable colors and brightness to match your mood. 


    Open seating gives a conversational edge to this stress-relieving hot tub. Enjoy the warm blanket of soft hydrotherapy on the neck sitting under the waterfall. With 19 FX jets providing a spiral-moving kneading action, every soak is a therapy session.


    Open seating with two sets of jetsfor calves, two sets of neck jets and foot massage for all users. A popular model for it's blend of spacious seating and PowerPro® hydrotherapy. Rotate between seats for comprehensive individual therapy or invite in the family or friends.


    This lounge model brings the Vector21 flow control to the popular size of the e-series 435. Reflexology footwell will help open up the feet after getting them massaged in the lounge. The specialized diverting system and customizable jetpods put you in control of your experience.


    This high-backed Jacuzzi® designer model provides a grotto-like, therapy escape. Comprehensive best-in-class hydromassage is packed into this compact spa. Four adjustable backlit headrests, are joined by an LED lit IX Jet, WaterColour™ waterfall, illuminated cup holders all with adjustable colors and brightness to match your mood.


    Flagship model with largest open seating in the J-300™ comfort collection. Featuring 20 FX jets this model will effectively workthe feet, shoulders, and low back. Waterfall seat provides a warm blanket of water to compliment a low back massage.


    A compact model ideal for intimate settings while also seating 4 adults comfortably. This spa provides high quality hydrotherapy benefits, specifically for feet, low-back, and shoulders. Water Rainbow®, LED lighted pillows and foot well let you set the tone for your desired mood.


    The 435 is a popular choice for both new and repeat owner's because of it's smart size and features. The cozy love seat and adirondack-style lounge are favorite seats in this 5 seat spa. Enjoy a multicolored LED and 2 mini-blade style pop-up waterfalls for great ambiance.